Living Room

TDYHOMES strives to provide the best possible lodging experience to our military members and civilian personnel as they travel to and from the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC).

We provide upscale lodging for military members and civilian personnel serving or visiting the KMC.

Our homes are very comfortable for one person or a small family. Our apartments and homes are designed to give you the creature comforts you would expect from your own home along with superior customer service.

Solar Panel and Water Lily
For a greener lifestyle

TDYHOMES not only wants to provide the best service for people coming here from abroad but we want to do it the right way. What better way to show we care than caring about our planet first and foremost. Here are a very few examples of what we do to help lead a greener lifestyle:

First of all, we all know it: Solar panels are one of the best sources of renewable energy. 

We are now implementing them on all our TLA / TLF longterm rent homes in the surrounding area of Ramstein Air Base and hope to rely only on ourselves in the future for energy.

Our hotel uses rain water to recycle the water drain. 

We are switching our cars to hybrid or electric ones and hope to install electric chargers near all our TLAs.

Our cleaning products are eco friendly and we mainly use silicon products to clean and use them longer.

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