rodenbach spk

Amenities (Every Home Includes)

High speed Internet
Free unlimited calls to the U.S.
Full kitchen
Large screen TV with satellite or cable
No charge for your furry family members
24/7 support

Rodenbach is really such a cute German village, you won't want to leave it... 12 min drive to Ramstein and you get a real German experience. This apartment will bring you comfort and coziness... 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathroom, just the perfect size and direct access to a yard. Fast internet, washer, dryer, cleaning service, Smart TV, high quality furniture... if you need a TLA or TLF, we are here for you: TDYHOMES has been helping people PCSing in and out or TDY for more than 10 years. We know what you will need and we are here to make this move easy for you. Book today for your future move to Germany: info@tdyhomes.com

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